Featured in Forbes Top 10 Blockchain Companies in 2019 Featured in Forbes Top 10 Blockchain Companies in 2019

We look at the main factors contributing to BiKi’s rapid growth.

Incremental Marketing

Using incremental marketing, has managed to amass many registered users in numerous third- to fifth- tier Chinese cities while simultaneously ushering in new market users from the Chinese and global internet. The exchange’s ‘transformative way of scaling communities’ has successfully accelerated growth in its user acquisition division. BiKi also helps its projects to increase its market users unlike other exchanges such as Huobi, Binance or OKEx.

Community Partner Program

BiKi’s attractive Community Partner Program has also been instrumental in boosting the influx of traffic to the platform. By simply holding at least 30,000 worth of BiKi locked-in for 1 year, users are eligible to become Community Partners who earn 10% interest like a time deposit and get 60% cashback on trading fees as well as bonus rewards and token airdrops.

Professional Services

BiKi has professional market-making strategies and a full range of service tools for users through a bull or bear market while providing media exposure support and assistance for partner projects.

Cost-Effective Platform

Compared to the current top exchanges that charge high listing fees, offers very affordable fees and value-added service fees, effectively buffering the effects of a bear market.

BiKi Platform Coin

BiKi’s platform coin creates a system of deflationary economics based on its principle of “mining, repurchasing and burning”. The initial token issuance of 1 billion will continuously be repurchased and burned till it decreases to 100 million. So far 100% of its platform fees have been used to repurchase and burn the platform currency, with 274 million already burned in the past 6 months. Next, the platform also has plans to launch the BiKi transaction pair, whereby projects will then raise funds in BiKi instead of ETH, again bringing value to the BiKi coin. With its business locks, institutional node locks and user financial locks, BiKi coin circulation is drastically reduced, thereby increasing the value of the BiKi coin.

From its starting price of $0.01384188 in mid April this year to its current price of 0.134539, BiKi coin has charted an impressive upward trajectory, representing an almost 10-fold increase In less than 3 months, a clear indication of investor demand and recognition of the coin’s value.

Committed to bringing digital assets to the mainstream market, it is not surprising that Forbes has ranked amongst its Top 10 Blockchain Companies to Watch in 2019. With BiKi’s continued focus on incremental marketing and global market expansion, together with improvements in services, community programs and also on its platform, BiKi appears poised to continue its ascent to the top flight of crypto exchanges.


Headquartered in Singapore, is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a digital assets platform for trading more than 100 cryptocurrencies and 127 trading pairs. Since beginning operations in Aug 2018, is considered one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with an accumulated 1.5 million registered users and 100,000 daily active users, ranking within the top 30 exchanges globally.

Blockchain: 0x50fcadf54f2e7f0473dfd2083ab55ac58fd6cbd6e2a30e7967e9686d28b1fa2d

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