Genesis Mining’s Radiant Technology Makes $50 per TH/s Possible, Gets Cheaper by 25% During...

Genesis Mining’s Radiant Technology Makes $50 per TH/s Possible, Gets Cheaper by 25% During...

Genesis Mining is one of the frontrunners in the cryptocurrency cloud mining industry. Being around for a long time, the company’s innovations department has come up with the new Radiant Technology, which is assured to keep the company in the top of the list for a long time to come.

The company started offering its Radiant product offering starting June 2018, at a time when standard cloud mining contracts across the industry started turning unprofitable due to increased hashing power requirements and falling cryptocurrency prices. To overcome this, Genesis Mining has optimized its entire operation across the globe. The new-age Radiant data centers are designed keeping the changing cryptocurrency landscape in mind.

Future-Proof Mining Infrastructure

The use of Radiant Technology in Genesis Mining centers has reduced the dependency on manpower to a great extent, with each component updated to the future-proof industry specifications. Considered as the perfect mining solution of this time, the list of optimized components includes Data Center Facilities, Location of Data Centers, Entire Supply Chain, Miners and Power Units, Cooling Systems and Genesis Hive – the proprietary farm management solution.

A result of thousands of man-hours of research and implementation, this new Radiant-powered mining hardware operates at maximum efficiency, with easy handling, suited for rapid deployment and effective maintenance. The built to scale solution allows Genesis Mining to be flexible and cater to the clients’ varying requirements on the fly.

The upgraded Genesis Hive further contributes to the cost-effectiveness of the company’s mining operation by automating almost all processes. Capable of handling everything from miner deployment, maintenance and administration, the new Radiant infrastructure requires human involvement only when there is a need to replace damaged or faulty hardware. The combination of Genesis Hive and Optimized Mining Farm layouts and capabilities could potentially allow the company to scale its mining capacity indefinitely to meet the market demands.

In addition, as a part of its initiative to achieve lean operation with minimal expenditure and maximum output, the company has set up its data centers in such geographical locations like Iceland and Sweden to use cheaper renewable power sources, while cutting down on the need for expensive cooling and temperature management systems.

Genesis Mining has also introduced attractive pricing for its Radiant Products to make cryptocurrency mining affordable to all. Currently, the company is offering Bitcoin and DASH contracts, with the 2-year Bitcoin Mining Contract costing $50 per TH/s and $25.5 per 1000 MH/s for DASH. The pricing makes it the best available cloud mining product in the market at this time.

The Black Friday Week Sale

Thanksgiving is a great season for shopping, with some of the best deals offered by the biggest of businesses. Genesis Mining has also opened its Black Friday Week Sale, with an attractive 25% to its new customers.  The discount is applicable on all Genesis Mining offerings but at limited supply. The Genesis Mining Black Friday Week Sale will be live until the end of Cyber Monday i.e. midnight of 26, Nov 2018.

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