Helium - Decentralized Currency and Service Platform for Enterprise Business

Helium - Decentralized Currency and Service Platform for Enterprise Business

Helium is a digital currency and blockchain network that focuses on improving supply chain logistics in the construction and infrastructure sector. Employing a community centric research based initiative, Helium sources talent from it’s network of participants to help build it’s second tier network layer that will facilitate services to improve supply chain logistics. With an eye towards Internet of Things (IOT), smart contracts and enterprise applications, Helium aims to synergize the complexities of large scale infrastructure projects with the transparency and trust of blockchain technology.

After much anticipation within the cryptosphere, the moment many have been waiting for is now at hand. Helium, a digital currency and decentralized blockchain network is ready to launch. Focusing on improving the supply chains of the construction and infrastructure sectors, Helium (HLM) is a Masternode coin that is a fork of PIVX, uses Proof of Stake (PoS) and has the distinction of bringing Enterprise-level utility to a world of coins that currently lack real-world application.

Co-founded by early blockchain adopter and entrepreneur Jason Cassidy in early 2017, the network boasts a verbose talent pool of seasoned veterans of the cryptocurrency space and Enterprise sector to help propel the currency forward. The goal of Helium, beyond being a functional payment mechanism is to greatly improve the efficiency of large-scale infrastructure projects across the globe.

As the first blockchain initiative to transform the BIM standard (Building Information Modeling), the Helium Alliance was formed in 2017 to begin engaging with large-scale Enterprise clients who adhere to this global construction and infrastructure standard. This has allowed the network to work closely with these companies. To let them understand what blockchain can do and to then help define the new 'rules of the road' for what BIM level 3 and eventually BIM level 4 will look like with the integration of new technologies such as IoT for smart city applications.

The ability to accurately track the logistics of large and often disjointed supply chains is one of the very best use-cases for blockchain technology and Helium has taken this opportunity to the next level in engaging with the current leaders of this sector. This includes government bodies who often set infrastructure contracts with a requirement of BIM standards, and thus blockchain is now finding its way into how future projects will be handled. Current participants in the Helium Alliance include the UK Government, IBM and Tata Steel to name just a few.

The Helium network has two areas of development that each have their unique focus. There is the day-to-day on-chain growth and sustainment of the Helium blockchain and there is the Enterprise-driven branch that looks at helping shape the construction and infrastructure sectors via partnerships, pilots and direct engagement. From the on-chain front, the Helium network will have an active Masternode community forming soon and a corresponding governance system which will act as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). There are also various currency-related services the Helium (HLM) network performs, such as instant-payments and the ability to send private transactions to another user. Holders of Helium will be able to earn additional income via setting up Masternodes or putting the currency to work by securing the network via staking (Proof of Stake). More information about this and much more can be found at https://HeliumChain.org.

Interested in getting some Helium coins? Trading is live on the Cryptopia platform so please head on over to https://Cryptopia.co.nz and setup an account so you are able to take advantage of the release of one of the most anticipated cryptocurrency releases in recent memory. With a great team, an even better community and real-world Enterprise applications, Helium is in a unique category of blockchain networks that is primed to grow in both value and utility over the long term of this very young industry of blockchain technologies.

Official site: https://heliumchain.org



Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1809278.0


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