Bitcoin Whale says NOW is the Time to Buy $BTC?! Ethereum Bug Discovered! BitTorrent Lawsuits

#Bitcoin billionaire whale says NOW is the time to buy $BTC while “no one really cares,” Cash App to integrate Lightning Network, another $ETH bug, $ELA court order, BitTorrent lawsuits, Flappy Bird $EOS reboot, crypto news, and more!

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0:01 Whitepaper vs Product:
0:13 Markets 〽️
3:13 The Bottom is near…
4:40 Buy now?
8:40 Flappy Bird reboot on EOS:
10:17 Cash App x Lightning Network:
12:12 Will Elon Musk take the torch?
12:38 Bitcoin vs Crypto Kitties:
15:20 Another Ethereum (ETH) bug:
18:08 MEW new interface:
18:51 Most dApps are not used:
20:24 Elastos (ELA) court order:
22:31 Elastos ICO details:
23:10 Quant Network (QNT) AMA:
23:28 Blockfolio updates:
24:12 BitTorrent lawsuits:
25:43 How will Tron react?
26:04 SendFriend x Ripple (XRP):
26:50 Morgan Creek public pensions:
28:11 Bitcoin Grafffiti:
29:20 FSB on crypto:
30:21 Venezuelan crypto tax:
34:26“Got my new Ledger!”
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