Wolfram Blockchain Labs integrates DLT hosting with ARK public API

Wolfram Blockchain Labs integrates DLT hosting with ARK public API

Wolfram Blockchain Labs, a provider of distributed ledger technology ecosystems, today announced integration between its DLT hosting architecture and the ARK Ecosystem.

ARK is a platform for blockchain development and creation. ARK is aiming to build an entire ecosystem of linked bridgechains and projects that are completely customized while allowing everyone to interoperate with each other.

Through this collaboration, the ARK public API is now integrated into the Wolfram Language and programmatically available for analytics, application development, and computational exploration—with universal and consistent functions for building services using data from ARK nodes.

Wolfram Language functions allow access to Testnet and Mainnet networks to create and access transactional data posted to Bitcoin, Ethereum, ARK, and other blockchains. By integrating the ARK public API within the Wolfram Blockchain Lab DLT hosting architecture, this new integration allows developers to create new applications and explore blockchains with broadened scope, superior visualization tools and customized analysis of transactions.

Wolfram and ARK are now rolling out the functionality to users in a closed beta for their community members and will be available to everyone later this year.

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