OLPORTAL building messenger dapp on Hedera Hashgraph

OLPORTAL building messenger dapp on Hedera Hashgraph

Today, OLPORTAL announced that they have selected the Hedera Hashgraph public distributed ledger platform upon which to build their decentralized messenger app. OLPORTAL will be a decentralized messenger on neural networks with an artificial intelligence dialogue function, in which the neurobots helping to compose answers to messages in chats will be integrated. Users need only to confirm the suggested variants of a bot’s answers to messages.

The next stage of the project is the migration to a decentralized platform. Taking into account the complexity and innovativeness of the neural networks’ development, OLPORTAL has decided to place the future OLPORTAL ecosystem on the Hedera Hashgraph platform.

The Hedera Hashgraph platform will offer a public, distributed ledger that enables anyone to easily develop secure, fair, lightning-fast, globally distributed applications. Such characteristics of the platform are good for the decentralization of the technically-challenging OLPORTAL project.

Being based on two absolutely groundbreaking ideas, the hashgraph distributed consensus algorithm, and the application of Artificial Intelligence, the OLPORTAL ecosystem offers its users a new creative solution that may change our usual attitude to messengers. Unique OLAI neurobots, which are able to learn a user’s manner of speaking, and then offer them variants of answers to messages in chats with entire phrases, are integrated into the chats of the application. Furthermore, OLAI neurobots also provide the possibility to try native advertising in OLPORTAL with the direct monetization of users applying these neurobots in their dialogues.

By means of the function LCFNN.6 (local communication function on neural networks of the level six) that is under development, neurobots will be able to learn and evolve with users’ support quickly. The entire OLPORTAL ecosystem is aimed at the creation of an appropriate environment for OLAI neurobots, which will also be convenient for users. Here one can create, sell, buy, and apply neurobots for product advertising, or even get some profit with their help.

The data structure of the hashgraph technology and consensus algorithm provides the best-in-class and unequaled combination of performance and security. This is very important for the future scalability of the OLPORTAL ecosystem.

That is why it was necessary to find the foremost solution to provide users’ data persistence and high confirmation speed of transactions. The Hashgraph technology, with a gossip-about-gossip protocol as a basis of its consensus mechanism, is remarkable for the high node capacity providing speed and efficiency of conducting transactions and security of data that is necessary for OLAI neurobots’ training.

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