Infinito App Square welcomes ONT dApps with support from Ontology

Infinito App Square welcomes ONT dApps with support from Ontology

Infinito, the blockchain app browser and cryptocurrency wallet, has confirmed that their Universal DApp Browser, App Square, will be supporting ONT dApp in the next version update.

This addition is made possible through collaborative integration efforts with Ontology, their technical partner and the official provider of ONT. With Ontology dApps now available, Infinito Wallet will now become compatible with a wide range of blockchains including Ethereum, EOS, Binance Chain, and ONTology.

Right now, the Infinito team is working directly with ONT’s core development team to integrate ONT DApps on their App Square. For this launch, Deershooter will be the first ONT game onboard and soon, users will see more exciting ONT DApps on Infinito Wallet.

Infinito Wallet and ONTology announced formal partnerships back in August 2018 and since then, and both sides have been working together for technical integration. In November 2018, the Universal Wallet officially enabled support for mainnet ONT and ONG token. And now, just a few months later, they have successfully enabled support for ONT DApps on Infinito App Square with support from Ontology’s core development team.

The first ONT DApps on App Square: Deershooter

Deer Shooter is a simple yet addictive tower defense game that rewards skilled play. Here, you control a brave fox archer who shoots down airborne intruders to protect his castle. You can place an amount of ONT or ONG before each battle. Then, the better you defend your turf, the more ONG you will be rewarded. With Deershooter on App Square, you can have your rewarded ONG sent directly to your wallet address without having to withdraw them from the game.

What’s Next

For the next update, the Infinito team is looking forward to enabling support for Binance’s latest decentralized exchange DApp (DEX) and its native cryptocurrency, BNB. And as mentioned, with ONTology as their official technical partner.

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