Embleema health blockchain to be implemented across 10,000 pharmacies in Europe

Embleema health blockchain to be implemented across 10,000 pharmacies in Europe

Embleema, a blockchain that enables users to assemble, own and share their health data, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Pharmagest Interactive, a pharmacy software group in Europe, to allow patients to directly download their health data from pharmacies and health centers, placing patients at the center of care.

The strategic partnership will accelerate the joint development of blockchain-based applications for patients and pharmacies, and further Embleema’s commercial deployment across Pharmagest’s extensive network of over 10,000 pharmacies in Europe. Patients will gain individual access to opt into advanced clinical research using blockchain technology to guarantee the control, integrity, and traceability of health data. The partnership will also enable Pharmagest to scale the adoption of its services among patients that are already digitizing their prescription data through its current pharmacy client network.

In July 2018, Embleema launched PatientTruth in the US, the first blockchain-based personal health record system, which lets patients assemble their health history from dispersed health records, enabling full control over their healthcare data sharing. Patients receive tokens in exchange for their active participation in clinical research.

Blockchain allows patients to own their data on a decentralized marketplace, as all transactions are registered on distributed ledgers, removing the need for a third party to authenticate movements. Patients have access to the full audit trail of their healthcare data and receive automated payments through smart contracts.

The strategic partnership with Pharmagest will enable Embleema to accelerate the development of its decentralized health data marketplace, a service for patients to connect with researchers to share and collect relevant health data, and accelerate drug development. Pharmagest will be a leading partner in Europe, offering patients within its network an opportunity to opt into research.

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