Bitcoin lightning network payment processor OpenNode offers no fees on first $10K

Bitcoin lightning network payment processor OpenNode offers no fees on first $10K

The team behind bitcoin lightning network payment processing app OpenNode, announced recently they will be reducing fees by gifting every new/existing user $10,000 worth of free received transactions.

OpenNode launched their public beta last October with the goal of creating a simple platform that will help bridge the gap between bitcoin and everyday life.

The OpenNode team said, “We believe these credits will benefit those who need it the most: growing teams who need a platform to build great products on a reasonable budget or developers looking to experiment with bitcoin’s newest technology.”

Normal activities and after-no fee credits cost just 1% per transaction.

Nonprofit Credit

OpenNode is also offering $50,000 of free credits to projects and non-profits that work to help those in need.

“We hope these changes show how serious we are in showing the world that bitcoin can be used for every day. Our goal is to continue building the simplest product in payments and show the world that accepting bitcoin is a better, more affordable alternative than anything that currently exists. On behalf of the entire team, thank you for using our platform to build applications using our API and for accepting bitcoin at your business. We’re overwhelmed and inspired by what you and the rest of the community have built so far and we are excited to see where you take bitcoin.” OpenNode Team

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