Coinbase Wallet Unveils WalletLink Letting Users Access DApps on Desktop Browsers

Coinbase Wallet Unveils WalletLink Letting Users Access DApps on Desktop Browsers

The WalletLink feature provides a secure encrypted link connecting the browser to the Coinbase Wallet app and letting users access the DApps from anywhere.

Crypto exchange Coinbase has been introducing several products and services to bring convenience and ease-of-use to its customers. The company has recently introduced a new system called WalletLink for the Coinbase Wallet.

The Coinbase WalletLink basically establishes a secure bridge between your desktop browsers and the Coinbase Wallet app. As a result, this allows Coinbase Wallet users to explore their favorite decentralized applications (DApps) on any desktop browser.

Coinbase’s Wallet product lead Siddharth Coelho-Prabhu writes that it is for the first time that Coinbase Wallet users will get a desktop DApp through which they can easily access and manage their funds. Furthermore, users can use this DApps anywhere while keeping their funds safe and secure on the Mobile Wallet app.

To start using the WalletLink feature, you just have to scan the WalletLink QR code with the Wallet app. The WalletLink will establish “a secure encrypted link” between your browser and Wallet app. Ultimately, you just need to approve the access to the DApp and you’re ready to go!

The good thing about WalletLink is that can support simultaneous connections to multiple DApps. Thus, one doesn’t need to scan the QR code every time they want to use a new DApp. Coinbase has successfully tested the WalletLink feature on different popular browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Brave.

Moving Beyond the Mobile Wallet App

In the blog post, Siddharth writes that after the grand success of Coinbase Wallet’s mobile DApp browser, they wanted to bring the same experience on the desktop browsers. Coinbase Wallet’s mobile DApp browser serves hundreds of thousands of users providing the “best-in-class Coinbase Wallet experience – biometric authentication to keep funds secure; encrypted key backups; support for a variety of coins and collectibles; access to the latest dapps – all wrapped up in a beautiful user experience”.

But so far, the Coinbase Wallet experience was only available to mobile devices. Siddharth writes that desktop users had to “resort to installing clunky browser extensions, copying and pasting private keys across devices, and seeing fragmented wallet balances”. Thus, the introduction of WalletLink helps users to break free from such troubles.

At present, the four DApps supported by WalletLink provide the decentralized financial (DeFi) services for digital currency holdings. Moreover, before launching WalletLink Coinbase approached some of the most popular DApps available in the market.

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