Post Bitcoin Halving Dump Incoming? & Coronavirus Update

With the Bitcoin Halving Hype train ending in less than 24 hours, are we going to experience a Dump once the train enters the station?

Join us for our weekly Cryptocurrency and Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates!

On the channel we take a look at the latest cryptocurrency news and market trends. We specifically look at what's happening in the mining scene and do a special feature on a different blockchain project during each episode.

We've also been following the situation with the Coronavirus since its early days in January 2020 when it was rampant in China, to the global pandemic it is now. In our discussions we look at the key news that's happening and with a particular focus on the situation in Asia.

Our aim is to have rational discussions based on science and try to see through any speculation and sensation. All the while sharing our personal experiences in our live chat and keeping our community’s spirits up during these times.

Meanwhile, to learn more about the Coronavirus and its impact on the economy and cryptocurrency markets, check out our article- Corona Virus Outbreak – List of Important Information.

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