Hello everyoneWe created a VOTE token on Bitgert Mainnet for our Votetoo.com project. Here is some explanation for the project,VOTE is a BRC-20 token created by Votetoo.com to facilitate a new way of conducting polls and voting on global matters. The aim of Votetoo.com is to create a platform where everyone can participate in the decision-making process, regardless of their social or economic status. Votetoo is a platform that allows people from all around the world to come together and share their opinions on a variety of global issues. Whether you're interested in politics, social justice, the environment or something else entirely, Votetoo has something for you. The VOTE token has been designed to allow users to easily log in to the system and cast their votes on important issues that affect the world. This whitepaper outlines the technical aspects of the VOTE token, its uses and its potential impact on the world.Technical AspectsThe VOTE token is based on the Bitgert network, a secure and decentralized blockchain platform that allows for fast and efficient transactions. The BRC-20 standard ensures that the VOTE token is fully compatible with other BRC-20 tokens on the Bitgert network, making it easy to trade and use in various applications.The total supply of VOTE tokens is approximately one token per person on the planet, which equates to around 10 billion tokens. This large supply is intended to ensure that there are enough tokens available for everyone to participate in the voting process without any shortage or scarcity issues.We know we are not so trendy project as other GAME NFT platforms, we are doing something quite different or unique however we would like to ask, What you guys think about the project If we organize a presale would you join it ? Does it look like to you worth to give a shot ?  if its not breaking any forum rules could you write in which platform we should organize this pre-sale ?If anyone intrested twitter.com/votetoo_globalThank you

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