[PRE-ANN] ROGUE :: A Crytocurrency for Minimalists

[PRE-ANN] ROGUE :: A Crytocurrency for Minimalists

I would like to announce the development of ROGUE.  A microcurrency built on the principles of minimalism.ROGUE does not use new code and can most simply described as Litecoin stripped down to its core mechanics.  This means that even the standard QT wallet will be removed in favor of a purely text-user interface (TUI).  The reason for this brings me to the primary purpose of this project which is to function as a trading pair within an existing blockchain game. Which has been in development for 5 years and operates entirely within the command-line.I simply needed a cryptocurrency to work with my existing game engine in a way that was seamless and without all the bloat seen in modern development processes.  Many of these components, the "bloat" in question, operate as ways to enrich the developers (and to be fair, investors) not make the software itself easier to use. I believe that it is for this reason that many projects created for broader purposes languish as the industries often loosely targeted simply aren't willing to adapt to such learning curves.  What's left is an investment vehicle that moves slower and is harder to maintain.As a computer scientist it is also my job to experiment.  I won't claim that ROGUE intends to solve any other problem outside of the one for which it was created to solve.  With perhaps the added benefit of being easier to use.  I believe that this idea is the key to the future of more versatile blockchain applications.At current there is a premine happening to insure that there is ROGUE available to issue to new players.  In addition, there needs to be ROGUE available to those who intend to swap game currency for this cryptocurrency.  The percentage of this may equate to 2% of the estimated total supply.  In the near future there will be an ICO to raise funds for development and hosting which will be capped at 8% the total supply.  With the remaining 90% going to the community and miners.  Any participants' contributions will be capped at .2BTC as this is an inherently small project.ROGUE is a functioning cryptocurrency that has its own blockchain and a native platform called RogueSpace (stylized @Space) - named for its traditional  roguelike origins among other reasons - and is currently open to Linux testers.  All of whom will be given a "cloud" wallet until the source code is released.  Options in regard to gameplay may be limited but more information about the project as a whole as well as myself can be found in the links below.  Thanks for reading and feel free to get in touch.Links & ResourcesA Blockchain Based Multi-User Roguelike. (Medium)ROGUE on Telegram

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