[ANN][SOSHE] Satoshe Network - PoW+PoS Woman's Cryptourrency

[ANN][SOSHE] Satoshe Network - PoW+PoS Woman's Cryptourrency

  Good day everyone!We would like to represent you SATOSHE Network with our SOSHE native coinIt is an innovative coin developed by enterprising young girls seeking to conquer the crypto-world. This coin transforms the usual concept of a decentralized network into a charitable and accessible platform open to anyone interested in mining, investing and using cryptocurrencies.  This is the first crypto-project of its kind, based on the power and capabilities of blockchain technology, aimed at attracting and including women in the field of cryptocurrencies.  SOSHE uses hybrid Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work algorithms, ensuring maximum security and transparency of all transactions on the network. The developers have created an intuitive and easy-to-use system for safe storage and currency transactions.  Our coin was designed to simplify the mining process as much as possible for users of various levels of technical literacy. Minimum system requirements and clear, detailed instructions for setting up the mining process create equal conditions for all interested parties, regardless of their practical experience in this field.Satoshe network stimulates online activity by providing incentives and rewards to active miners, as well as participants who ensure the maintenance of the network.  Our coin is focused on actively attracting all interested parties who share the idea of gender equality and democracy in the field of blockchain technology and involving women in cryptocurrency technologies through information support, training and development opportunities.What we are going to do:- Start of SATOSHE development. This process requires expertise in blockchain technology, technical and marketing considerations.- Research and identify the key problems and barriers faced by women in the economic sphere.  - Development and implementation of cryptocurrency-based tools and services that help women improve their economic independence and protect their rights.- Launch Staking Platform- Launch Bounty Programs- Listing on exchanges- Listing on Aggregators- Establish partnerships with women's organizations and public associations to collaborate in implementing the project.  - Conduct informational campaigns and events to raise awareness about cryptocurrencies and their potential for achieving gender equality.  - Develop a monitoring and evaluation system to measure and track the impact of the project on women's equality.- Maintain ongoing interaction and feedback with project participants.- Listen to the voices and needs of women and make appropriate changes to the SATOSHE development strategy.- Evaluate and disseminate successful practices and project outcomes. - Marketing and Public Relations- Fundraising- Prepare and present compelling pitches to secure necessary funding for project expansion and operation. SATOSHE Blockchain Specification:- Network Name: SATOSHE Network- Coin Ticker: SOSHE- Consensus Mechanism: PoW + PoS- Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt- Block Time: 1 min.- PoW Block Reward: 10- PoS Block Reward: 4- Total Supply: 30,000,000 PoW + Unlimited PoSSATOSHE Official links:- Official Website: https://shesatoshi.org/- Roadmap: https://shesatoshi.org/roadmap- Whitepaper: https://shesatoshi.org/whitepaper- Discord: https://discord.gg/vURc5ERAMP- Twitter (X): https://x.com/SATOSHEcoin- GitHub: https://github.com/SatosheNetwork/Join the first mining pool:Lucky Dog Pool (ASICs and MRR compatible)
-a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://stratum.luckydogpool.com:7048 -u YOURWALLET -p c=SOSHE

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