[ANN][COSA] Cosanta POW + POS / CPU mining [English]

[ANN][COSA] Cosanta POW + POS / CPU mining [English]

Cosanta in Irish - Protection, ticker is COSAAt the moment, testnet coins have been launched 2021-04-12 and test coins can be exchanged for PirateCash (PIRATE).The purpose of the project:1) in 2018, the PirateCash project was launched and through the efforts of one developer, and later the team was brought to a full-fledged project, but in order to avoid a swap, it was decided to create a second project that would complement PirateCash, but first it was necessary to test the code (this time the team followed the path - taking the original DASH and adding stacking with ).After successful testing, the project will use Cosanta as the base code for the soft fork2) PirateCash is a great project, but not everyone is ready to work with a project for business solutions and the team decided to use Cosanta for B2B, and Pirate will be used as a solution for crypto geeksConsidering that the two projects complement each other, then you can now start testing the code (mine tCOSA on the CPU, and in the near future change to PIRATE, which means you can get any other cryptocurrencyMining algorithm X18 + (Initially, the Dash code used X11, but our team modified the code to X18 and added 4 more functions, i.e. it could be called X21, but honestly there are 18 hashing algorithms)Our plans for the near future:- complete the client revision and release a ready client for the main net- the site is being made up https://cosanta.net/- creating a mining pool for the modified algorithm Start date Main network We plan to launch the Main network in the middle of June 2021. List of tasks to complete before starting the network.
    Improvement of the client for a simple and convenient launch of mining
[ ] Creating a separate miner application for the CPU[ ] Launch of Mining pool for group production of Cosanta[ ] Site update / creation cosanta.netAfter launch Main net COSA you can exchange your COSA on:1) fixed automatic swap to pirate 1 COSA -> 10 PIRATE2) PirateDEX (PIRATE/BTC/LTC/DOGE/BTS)https://wallet.piratecash.net/market/PIRATE.COSA_PIRATE.PIRATEhttps://wallet.piratecash.net/market/PIRATE.COSA_PIRATE.BTChttps://wallet.piratecash.net/market/PIRATE.COSA_PIRATE.LTChttps://wallet.piratecash.net/market/PIRATE.COSA_PIRATE.DOGEhttps://wallet.piratecash.net/market/PIRATE.COSA_BTSVersion history: https://github.com/cosanta/cosanta-core/releasesDownload:https://github.com/cosanta/cosanta-core/releases/tag/v0.15.0.6-rc1Block explorerhttps://cosanta.net/start mining:Debug console -> execute:setgenerate trueAfter activating mining, there will be a black pickaxeStop mining:Debug console -> execute:setgenerate falseAfter deactivating mining, there will be a transparent pickaxeOptions:setgenerate true -  launches mining on all coresCPUsetgenerate true N - runs mining only on N CPU coresif you write a file in the config filegen=1 - will automatically start mining after startgenproclimit=N - use only N CPU coreswhere can I use tCOSA:- you can exchange tCosa to PIRATE @piratecash_bot- you can use it in the future English telegram grouphttps://t.me/cosanta_enghttps://github.com/cosanta

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