[ANN] Top 10 DeFi Projects To Watch In Q4 | IBTimes

[ANN] Top 10 DeFi Projects To Watch In Q4 | IBTimes

The year 2021 is crawling to an end as we have entered the last quarter of the year, with 2022 fast approaching. Despite some bumps in 2021, the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency has been on an upward trajectory, especially the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector. Generally speaking, DeFi also includes gaming and the rising NFT space which has seen the decentralized financialization of digital services, products, and art grow into a mainstream phenomenon.
The DeFi industry first took off in 2020 and has captured the attention of millions of new users looking for both traditional and innovative financial services in a decentralized context. Currently, nearly $100 billion is locked in various protocols that offer services like borrowing, lending, staking, and more. With new protocols and platforms launching at breakneck speed, we compiled a list of ten pre-vetted and promising projects to watch as we move into Q4. These include more traditional DeFi projects, as well as gaming and NFT centric companies.
EQIFI is unique in that it is a DeFi project powered by a regulated and fully licensed bank in EQIBank, and it’s this uniqueness that really sets it apart. Headed up by CEO Brad Yasar and Chairman Jason Blick, the team at EQIFI brings vast amounts of experience to the table and is focused on bringing the democratization of global banking services to the forefront.Utilizing blockchain technology, the project has set up advanced infrastructures for borrowing, lending, and investing in Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, and selected fiat currencies. As the EQIFI project is powered by EQIBank, it allows for the possibility to gain access to such products as multi-currency bank accounts and credit cards.Considering it took the team only ten days to achieve the funding goals set for the seed phase and other strategic rounds, it’s safe to say that EQIFI is a project worth keeping an eye on!
2. Scallop
Scallop is a one-stop solution for cryptocurrency and banking services. The innovative fintech ecosystem allows users to securely hold fiat and crypto assets under one roof.  Scallop offers users regulated and insured ‘DeFi powered’ GBP and IBAN banking accounts, as well as a digital and banking-grade hardware wallet, for digital assets. It has a suite of ten products, including cards, accounts, exchange and an NFT marketplace - to name a few.  Scallop is going toe-to-toe against traditional banking with digital firepower and it could very possibly change the way that we bank.

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