[ANN] PerFix - Trusted & Secure Crypto Project (POW+POS)

[ANN] PerFix - Trusted & Secure Crypto Project (POW+POS)

SpecificationsName                PerFixSymbol                PFXLaunched                01-04-2023Version                v1.5.0Language                C++Hash algorithm        ProgPowZConsensus                POS + POWBlock time                1 minuteBlock reward        10 PFXMaximum Supply    ∞ (uncapped)Explorer        https://explorer.perfix.io            (in maintenance)    Wallethttps://github.com/Per-Fix/Per-Fix/releases/download/Per-Fix/Perfix_v1.5.0.zipMinerIntegrated in walletExchangeshttps://xeggex.com/market/PERFIX_USDTTrusted & Secure Crypto ProjectPerFix is a technology that seeks to combine the latest advances in digital finance, decentralized applications and artificial intelligence.The security of your transactions is ensured by the time-tested CryptoNote protocol. The hybrid POW and POS consensus algorithm makes it possible for anyone to mine and use PerFix.How to start?Choose your walletTo start using PerFix, first of all, you will need a wallet. Visit our downloads page and choose the wallet that suits you.There are PerFix wallets for different platforms that provide everything you need so that you can start using PerFix right now.Get some coinsAfter the wallet is installed, you will need to put some coins into it.You can use mining to get PerFix coins or buy PFX on a cryptocurrency exchange.PerFix principlesSafetyUsers must be able to trust PerFix for the security of their transactions, without the risk of errors or attacks on the network. All transactions are cryptographically secured using the latest and most efficient encryption tools.PrivacyPerFix takes the privacy of its users seriously. The highest level of privacy must be available to all users without exception, whether they are technologically competent or have no idea how cryptography works. A PerFix user should not feel pressure on their habitual rhythm of life and their expenses due to the risk that other users may find out about them.DecentralizationPerFix aims to provide the maximum degree of decentralization in both network security and code development. The hybrid POW and POS consensus algorithm prevents specialized mining hardware (ASIC) from dominating the network and allows for a fair distribution of rewards for finding new blocks. In addition, development and research are carried out within the framework of global cooperation and are carried out with maximum transparency. Each development decision is open to public discussion and voting.PerFix development and researchSubnet, smart contracts and decentralized applicationsPerFix is launching a subnet and its own Gas Token PFXT on the Avalanche platform, this will enable the project to scale. PerFix users will be able to implement fast smart contracts for decentralized applications with configurable fees and other benefits of the Avalanche network. To pay for Gas, users do not need to purchase an additional asset, all transactions will be made with the PFXT token. To convert PFX for the PFXT token, an autonomous decentralized exchange office will be launched.Neural network and artificial intelligenceInspired by the successful experience of fellow programmers, PerFix begins research aimed at launching a neural network. Artificial intelligence successfully copes with some tasks, including helping users with code generation. Artificial intelligence that will generate the smart contract code in the Go (programming language) is the goal of our research! In our opinion, this technology will give a large influx of new users to the sphere of the blockchain and will make it easier for developers to perform some tasks.

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