[ANN] Noti: More Than a Bot, It's Your Digital Companion

[ANN] Noti: More Than a Bot, It's Your Digital Companion

NotiNoti: More Than a Bot, It's Your Digital CompanionNoti.io - Snipe new tokens before everyone elseNew tokens finder & the easiest-to-use Snipe tool on both decentralized and centralized exchangesNoti serves as a token-sniping platform, empowering ordinary users with extraordinary abilities. Through a user-friendly tool, individuals gain the power to swiftly locate and purchase projects ahead of the crowd. Our platform facilitates sell and profit-taking strategies, enabling users to effortlessly discover tokens simply by name. Noti pledges support for all blockchains and major centralized and decentralized exchanges (Cex and Dex).YOUR ALLY IN CRYPTO TRADINGSnipe Newly Launched Tokens Before Everyone ElseBenefit from Noti‘s advanced protections against front-run attacks, rug pulls and scams, ensuring peace of mind as you‘re buying the token FIRST.Noti offers the fastest and most intuitive Auto Snipe tool offering an easy-to-use dashboard, Telegram bot, and API to uncover new tokens before they hit the market both on Centralized and Decentralized exchanges allowing traders to be among the first to buyor sell tokens, profiting from early market entry and maximizing potential gains. With the user in mind - Noti supports 3 usage ways:Web platformUser-friendly UI, clean vocabulary, and thorough explanations of every feature, and sleek design.Telegram BotConfiguring all the Snipe metrics within Telegram - clear instructions and minimum effort for the user.API integration Customized solution for massive scale usage for developers and enterprises, provided full support and documentation.    Website: https://noti.ioTwitter: https://twitter.com/noti_officialTelegram: https://t.me/noti_official

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