[ANN] Global Disruption Fund (GDF) - A proposal

[ANN] Global Disruption Fund (GDF) - A proposal

Global Disruption Fund (GDF)AlgorithmEthashTypeProof of Authority (PoA)Network ID711Pre-Mine4,659,895,656,595,965,632,626,269,565 GDF (the most possible amount!!!)Global WalletTBACirculation WalletTBAPrice1 GDF = 1 USDInitial Launch datearound May/June 2021Purpose:The purpose of GDF is to disrupt all the traditional systems that have been abusing the world for the past 100 years, and posing a serious opposition to the greed of super-global private companies, by raising enough funds to acquire real and essential businesses and global resources. With less than 1% of the world’s population controlling over 40% of its wealth, and 60% of the population living on only 2% of the wealth, and no real effort is done to change the scales, the only way is to pose real financial power that can compete and break the global self-serving economic system. All people within their life time should be able to have proper health, proper education, proper housing, proper clothing, and simply a proper life that they enjoy. We are not talking about jet-planes and yachts, but to be able to live their lives not worried about the simplest of human living rights. GDF is proposed to do just that … act as a global multi-national fund that works for the people, not for profit. Pegged to the USD, every GDF sold, will be directed to investment in real life products, to acquire firms, farms, supermarket chains, natural resources, factories of all kinds, research labs, schools, everything and anything, and it will do that all over the world! And the best part is … every single GDF will be a stock in that fund. But you won’t make a profit out of it, this fund will work to take over these businesses and operate them to produce the absolutely minimum profit margin that will cover just its operation and future development. And again, you as a stakeholder with your GDF’s, will have a saying in how everything is operated.Let us say that 1 million GDF’s are sold, which equal to 1 million USD, and there is a farm in Europe that is for sale for 100k USD, a tech company in the US for 200K, a chain of supermarkets in Latin America that is sold for 300K, GDF will work to acquire these and run them. Now let us say 100 million GDC’s are sold! Or 1 billion, or 10 billion, a trillion …. Little by little GDF will own services all around the world!! And they all work for you. Now let us say that these firms used to over-price their products with something like 30-40% profit margin, of which only 5% went back into the company, and the rest goes into the pockets of the very few shareholders. With GDF this will change!! There will not be 30% going into the pockets of a handful of people, but it will go to reducing the price of goods and services being sold. The only profit margin that will be made is the one necessary for the expansion of that establishment, and the enhancement of the people working in it. And again, little by little, GDF owned entities will start popping up all over the world, with a new business model that works for the people, and not the 1%!! And little by little, people around the world will find more and more sources where they can get their products for fair (the actual cost) price, and little by little, the people will have a fair world!If you want to learn more about global wealth, google “Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report”, its free online for all the past years, and look at the “global wealth pyramid” on page 29.And if you want to know more about me, this is a simple read (for free) The Evolution of Humanity .... I'm not trying to promote the book here, but with this very ambitious idea that I'm proposing, I felt that this will help establish some sort of comfort, to know more about me!And my initial project: SPXTek OUI will update with more details over the coming weeks.

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