[ANN] FowCoin

[ANN] FowCoin

FowCoin (FOW) the uncensored cryptocurrency has arrived!
StudioFOW, the studio that was banned from Patreon for making a werewolf eat a girl's butthole (also the creator of Subverse) in association with Streembit, the creator of a P2P anonymous communication system present FowCoin.
No premine, no ICO, no IDO, no money collection from naive users. No developer dictatorship, no Proof-of-Stake nonsense to create even more opportunities for the wealthy. Everyone will have the same chance to mint coins and participate in this new blockchain. This blockchain creates a store of value and a utility in the sense of money defined by John F. Nash Jr. in his "Ideal Money and Asymptotically Ideal Money" lecture.
Join our discord: https://discord.gg/zUgDe3B to be part of the FOW community.
Checkout Streembit at  https://streembit.github.io
The Mint Consortiums where anonymous users can create blocks and participate in the FOWcoin blockchain are coming soon.
The source code will be based on the streembit-cli that has been our P2P comm open source project. Please see the develop branch to get a better idea about the most recent application. The IoT device handling does support several Zigbee devices already. IoT Micro-transactions will be processed in relation to those Zigbee devices such as parking meters or hotel door locks.

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