[ANN] CMC - CPU Miners Coin, POW+POS (Compound interest)

[ANN] CMC - CPU Miners Coin, POW+POS (Compound interest)

Links• Website: https://www.cpuminerscoin.com/• Explorer: https://explorer.cpuminerscoin.com/• Wallet: https://github.com/cpuminerscoin/CMC/releases• Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/cpuminerscoin/• Twitter: https://twitter.com/cpuminerscoinHow to Stake Mining(Compound interest, the annualized rate is more than 100%)• Go to the console, use the command, and keep the wallet open.• walletpassphrase YourWalletPassword 8640000 true• The above command is only for staking, 100% safeSpecifications:• ASICS resistant• Uses the POW and POS• Algorithm: Curvehash• Block Time: 120 seconds• Block Reward: 1 CMC• Difficulty: 1 Day• P2P Port: 15995• RPC Port: 15996• Max supply: 21,000,000• Premined: 1,000,000PoolsPool Mining: https://pool.rplant.xyz/#cpuminerscoin

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