[ANN] Brick Worlds Play2Earn PinkSale Whitelist

[ANN] Brick Worlds Play2Earn PinkSale Whitelist

Brick worlds is a virtual reality space that uses the latest technology. This game has its own laws and economy. Here you may not only build, make purchases, customize characters, but also earn crypto coins. We have created a separate digital state. We were inspired by the famous Lego bricks that create entire worlds and we have developed a unique game for you on the Unreal Engine.Game description: The game is free. You only need to register in order to enter the Brick worlds. After that, the wheel of fortune will give you your character. This is necessary in order for the game to have an equal number of characters. After you are assigned a role, the game begins! And the action takes place in the city of Primum. Each character has its own tasks, completing which the player will receive rewards and move on to more difficult challenges. This is where the stage of earning tokens and NFT’s begins. You also have the opportunity to invite friends to the game using the referral system. You can also organize communities and earn bonuses by completing additional tasks together. After completing all the tasks in Primum, you will go to a new location for new tasks, acquaintances and coins.What does the Brick worlds give? ✔️ you will receive NFT's for completing some tasks;✔️you can customize your character, upgrade his skills and then you can exchange or sell him. And after moving to a new city, you are given the right to choose your role;✔️you can buy land in the game and build what you want on it. As a result, all this may be sold and crypto coins may be withdrawn to your wallet;✔️ you will also have the opportunity to earn on the token’s rate.Our game has many locations and opportunities for you. Build a world of bricks with us! It is impossible to lay the last brick in this game as it will never end.BRICK TOKENS (BRICK) ARE AN BEP-20 CRYPTOCURRENCY TOKEN.They can be earned by playing the Brick World game in various game modes, as outlined in the previous sections of this whitepaper. BRICK Token holders will be able to redeem their BRICK Tokens for in-game items in the Brick Worlds marketplace (weapons, armor, consumables, etc.). Holders will also be able to craft items using their tokens and consumable items, as well as use the BRICK.????Brick Worlds(BRICK) Tokenomics.????The total supply of BRICK tokens is set at 800,000,000. These tokens will be distributed as follows:✅Whitelist launchpad sale - 220,000,000 - 27.5%✅Play-to-Earn Rewards - 200,000,000 - 25%✅Tokens for liquidity - 200,000,000 - 25%✅Developer fund - 180,000,000 - 22.5%The initial dates and distribution methods for the BRICK Token sale will be announced in the near future in our community Telegram, on social media and other communication platforms. Stay tuned for more information on the initial public listing!The ecosystem fund will be managed by the Brick World management team and board, and its core purpose is to grow the Brick Worlds community.We will be using the funds for the following types of activities, including (but not limited to): Rewarding and hiring extended team members (non-core team) such as third-party contractors and player ambassadors.Providing the community with giveaways and rewards on social media or by way of contests. Bonuses to non-core team members, such as our discord moderators.Incentives for other community members outside of the team as rewards for outstanding community engagement and support.⚙️Telegram : https://t.me/brickworlds⚙️Twitter: https://twitter.com/Brick_worlds⚙️Website : https://brick-worlds.com

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