[ANN]World’s first deflationary token specialized Exchange

[ANN]World’s first deflationary token specialized Exchange

The DTO Token Airdrop is LIVE!Participate and claim up to 350 DTO!World’s first deflationary token specialized Exchange is coming!We have a vision: all crypto tokens should be deflationary! It is the necessary token standard and we are here to support its growth.The Deflationary Token will be a native Exchange token that will help new projects and users to participate in IEOs on our Deflationary Tokens Launchpad.Also, DTO holders and traders will benefit from very small trading fees to even zero fees.This is what the Crypto world was waiting for.The real solution to combat inflation is through deflation.DTO metrics:DTO ERC20 tokenTotal supply: 9.800.000 DTOBurn rate: 1%Decimals: 0Distribution: Airdrop; Bounties; Public saleAirdrop: 3.000.000 DTOBounties: 1.000.000 DTOPublic sale: 3.000.000 DTOTeam and reserve: 800.000 DTOMarketing and listings: 2.000.000 DTORecommended ERC-20 Wallets:MyEtherWalletMetaMaskCoinomiTrustDTO official website: www.D-Token.orgDTO Address: 0x5fd1636e3e571aec5e2ba6a247e01412e7d5b047Q: How many tokens are there going to be on the brand new DTO Exchange?A: There are going to be a lot of tokens and coins, but the deflationary ones will have a lot of benefits on our trading platform and we will always focus on ways to support this new trend.Q: Are you going to sell DTO Tokens?A: Yes. All other projects will be listed on our exchange and in order to develop a professional, high-quality exchange we will have to finance it, but for now, you can participate in our airdrop and claim a limited amount of free DTO.Q: Who will buy your token?A: Visionary people like us, investors that share our beliefs. If we all understand the importance of the deflationary token in the crypto world, our future will be brighter.All DTO holders will have great benefit on the DTO Exchange.Q: When will the Airdrop end?A: The Deflationary Token Airdrop will end when all 3.000.000 allocated DTO Tokens will be airdropped. This will happen very fast, so take a seat and relax! We estimate that this will take 1 week at most.Q: When will the distribution of the airdropped tokens start?A: As soon as the 3.000.000 allocated DTO tokens Airdrop is completed, our team will check every airdrop account and send the DTO Tokens.airdrop bot: https://t.me/DTO_Airdrop_Bot?start=603839074Ethereum Vert, a world decentralised cryptocurrency that allows people to send and receive money in the world with our platform and the Ethereum smart contact technology.https://t.me/ethereumvertbot?start=603839074

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