[ANN]Vitae Coin (PoW.PoS) Algo-Quark Pre Mine

[ANN]Vitae Coin (PoW.PoS) Algo-Quark Pre Mine

VitaeGrowing Global Prosperity!
Empowering the Revolution!Vitae! Empowering you to a new life! Developed with a purpose to change the world and bring freedom back to you! Providing a NEW AGE social rewards network to give opportunity for financial freedom.
Pre Mine:1000000Maximum Supply:100000000Super Node Burn:800000Remaining Pre Mine: 200000
[/color]Vitae Token featuresKnow something special about your cryptocurrency.Confirmations Are FastView our White Paper and see how our transaction confirmations are fast. When transfers are fast, you get to spend more time living. Vitae is after all Latin for Life.Super Node BurnSuper Node Burns decrease the supply of Vitae Tokens. Every Super Node Burn is over powered by the rewards. Providing a Demand for Super Nodes.Everyone Can MineHodl! The more you do the more you get back with Vitae. With Master Node and Proof of Stake. Download your wallet and start earning rewards. Set up a Master Node for even more rewards.Wallet x64-bitWallet x32-bitMining-SoftwareLinks:https://www.instagram.com/vitae_official/https://discordapp.com/invite/kjBgDSshttps://www.reddit.com/r/VitaeTeam/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSB1HGgFCLeocn7TmvT8L8ghttps://twitter.com/OfficialVitaehttps://www.facebook.com/VitaeTokenhttp://vitaetoken.io:8181/https://www.vitaetoken.io/VitaeWhitePaper.pdf

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