????[ANN][ICO]????ephelants360⚡️- Democratizing Film & TV Production ✅MVP

????[ANN][ICO]????ephelants360⚡️- Democratizing Film & TV Production ✅MVP

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Official ephelants360 Bounty campaign: 400 000 000 XEP Tokens (~$4 000 000 USD) are waiting for you!https://ephelants360.io/bounty/
========================================ICO CAPSSoftcap: $3 600 000 USDHardcap: $44 700 000 USD            TOKEN SALE SCHEDULE???????????? Pre-Sale: 26.07 - 21.11.2018 | Price : 1 XEP = $0.007 USD ????????????Main-Sale: 22.11.2018 - 02.01.2019 | Price : 1 XEP = $0.01 USD========================================
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Global Box Office revenue was US$40.6 billion in 2017. Worldwide, the industry spends US$240 billion per year on buying content for broadcasting, this is a growing trend of 10% annually.Creating the much desired high quality content in larger quantities is in the current system not possible. Acquiring content involves large amounts of manual effort.Trade events, expensive brokers (taking 35% commission), exclusive agreements and complex content rights all managed in an incongruent matrix of non-compatible spreadsheets. Another 40% of the value is lost due to the inefficiency of the content acquisition supply chain.Creative accounting makes getting the correct return on investment for investors difficult if not impossible and creatives rarely see their agreed profit share due to non-transparent agreements or unverifiable expenses.
00000000000000000000000000000000000Investors1] Finding projects that fit specific criteria and risk profiles from reputable sources.2] The investment appraisal process – how likely will the production become successful.3] Being paid the correct amount when a project is profitable. Due to lack of transparency the actual ROI achieved is difficult to ascertain. 00000000000000000000000000000000000Producers1] Finding high quality screenplays that can be turned into a profitable production.2] Raising capital to produce films & tv content.3] Having to use multiple programs, platforms, services to organize all stages of production.4] Hiring the best cast and crew that are available and fit the budget.5] Getting distribution of t

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