WHAT IS ZEUS CRYPTO?Zeus Crypto enables instant crypto for tokens & crypto for crypto conversions. As of now, it supports XEM & Bitcoin. Users can exchange tokens and crypto in seconds, after a smooth and short sign­up process. Zeus Crypto is a fast and safe way to exchange digital assets. It is built using NEM and Stellar blockchains. Starting today, Alpha Zeus Crypto will support XEM and Bitcoin swaps. Beta Zeus Crypto is expected to launch in two months and would have a choice of XEM, BTC, ETH, XLM crypto currencies, with fiat gateway provided by Epay. More crypto currencies, crypto tokens and currency cross-pairs would be added at a later stage. Zeus Crypto core technology engine is also available for internal integration with partners, such as investment banks, brokers and investment funds, to safely execute block trades and OTC trading.      Users can now exchange crypto instantly, transparently and safely, with no personal information or keys held or stored at Zeus Crypto, and with no assets held in deposits. Sign up for Beta Testing and an Early Access at [email protected] and get the first 3 months with NO FEES!WHAT IS THE PROCESS?
    Select cryptocurrency pair and check the real-time market quote rate See full commissions disclosure beforehand Send the cryptocurrency you are willing to change to Zeus Crypto escrow e-wallet Follow the trade via transaction pin code or via email with 24-hour support If the market quote changes, choose to continue with the new rate or cancel the transaction Receive the other cryptocurrency to your wallet 
    EASYCalculate the sum and commission, send coins to exchanger wallet, receive another coins into your wallet. INSTANT WITH NO REGISTRATIONYou don’t need any registration to exchange crypto to crypto. Do in instantly 24/7/365 without waiting for verification. SAFEWe are fully registered company in Singapore, all our details in Contact page. You don’t store your crypto on exchange, but store on your personal wallet 24 HOURS SUPPORTEvery transactions has unique ticket number, and you can contact us with this number anytime by e-mail or online chat.
WHAT PAYMENT PROVIDER WILL ZEUS CRYPTO USE?We are partnering with Epay, a globally leading online payment platform with decades of global payment experience and rich resources. It provides convenient and flexible electronic payment services, such as instant money transfer, global bank wires, e-currency exchange and payment gateways etc. This will enable Zeus Crypto to offer fiat alongside with cryptocurrencies.HOW DO I SIGN UP?Sign up for Beta Testing and an Early Access at [email protected] and get the first 3 months with NO FEES!WHAT ABOUT ZEUS EXCHANGE?Zeus Exchange was founded to build an investment environment comprised of the hybrid trading platform and an asset tokenization vehicle, connecting crypto market and conventional exchanges, as well as the banks and payment providers. Its goal is to merge the traditional investments with the power of blockchain, to enable trading between conventional financial instruments and digital assets, using a single platform, and in a legal and fully transparent fashion. Zeus Crypto is the first corner-stone of this infrastructure. FAQ'S
    It is a simple and easy-to-use converter for crypto to crypto and crypto and fiat Fully automated system that calculated the exchange rate and fees based on the market rates. If the rate changes before the transaction is complete, you can cancel it. It is a part of Zeus Exchange ecosystem, one of the products Crypto Zeus doesn’t hold your crypto assets, doesn’t ask for your private keys Why does exchange rate change? Crypto market is highly volatile and rates change often. Since the transaction time for cryptocurrencies

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