[ANN] [Xpay token] [XP]

[ANN] [Xpay token] [XP]

Xpay token is a token with fixed supply,created on eth blockchain with mission to help ethereum blockchain growing faster and do transactions instantly.
Specifications : Contract address : 0xc7c057b438833162b8cb3ada44db8f53e5b31665Decimals : 1Total supply : 1,000,000Symbol : XPToken standart erc-20Xpay (XP) brings quality of usual erc20 token to best and makes ethereum blockchain more faster
Xpay token (XP) trades on token.store exchange : https://t.co/0JkYPB2dCkTwitter : https://twitter.com/XpayTokenNext exchange possible forkdelta and idex.You can help to grow XP token by buying that token on exchange.Also you may buy XP token by send eth to address,which described on page : https://twitter.com/XpayToken

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