[ANN] World Mechanic Coin - promising developments in the field of waste process

[ANN] World Mechanic Coin - promising developments in the field of waste process

Many people around the world face natural and man-made problems:- lack of food- lack of access to drinking water- lack of energy resources- environmental pollution from human activities- information load leading to stress, depression, emotional instability and mental disordersThe interests of large companies are contrary to the interests of man as a speciesIn the world of a huge number of inventions that can improve human life, but that do not find the possibility of implementationThe man himself destroys their habitat, but attempts to somehow influence the situation, encounter stiff opposition from the major corporations.With this coin we start a project to Finance promising developments in the field of waste processingThe purpose of the project is to Finance a pilot plant for processing used tires into soil with predetermined properties for testing on erosion and desert soils.The products will be sold at a discount when purchased for worldmechcoins
Name: World Mechanic CoinTicker: WMCPresale in 3 stages:200 000 for 20 days: 0.6$300 000 for 30 days: 1$300 000 for 30 days: 1.4$
POW & MasternodesAlgo: X11 ( 5 min per block )Masternode Collateral: 1000 WMCYou can read the road map on our website: https://www.mechcoin.org/

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