[ANN] [VIC] VIRIDICOIN Investment & Payout from SWISS Cannabis Industry

[ANN] [VIC] VIRIDICOIN Investment & Payout from SWISS Cannabis Industry

VIRIDI, founded in 2017, was developed during the fall of 2017 and the spring of 2018.
Built on POS/POW, VIRIDI is a highly specialized currency for the cannabis industry. In the beginning, VIRIDI was the only cryptocurrency that allowed investment in cannabis.The worldwide cannabis industry is a lucrative business worth billions of dollars. The industry is constantly growing as new countries legalize the use of cannabis.VIRIDI is primarily used to access cannabis investment opportunities, which offer to investors a high return.The Main Company for VIRIDI is Exer Global Group Corp., based in Cyprus while “Guardians of VIRIDI AG” from Lichtenstein is the trustee company for VIRIDI coin havinginvested in large cannabis plantations in Switzerland.The dividend from these plantations form VIRIDI's underlying value. This value is what allows the company to give VIRIDI coin owners a return on investments 4 times yearly. The vision is to facilitate the worldwide growth and distribution of cannabis via investments that have an attractive return policy and will give the VIRIDI coin a high value.In the 4th quarter of 2017, VIRIDI took steps towards expanding the use and brand awareness of the VIRIDI coin.In the 1st quarter of 2018, the 2017 plans came to fruition.With a variety of payment solutions designed for mainstream adoption and increased usability, VIRIDI offers a very promising opportunity.In the 1st quarter of 2019, VIRIDI tokens will be swapped to cryptocurrency coin with the ticker "VIC" on our Blockchain
Coin SpecsName   VIRIDITicker   VICConsensus algorithm   POSInstamine protection   First 520 blocksHashing algorithm   KeccakPOS starting block   521POS block reward(per year)   ~2.628.000 VICPOS block reward(per month)   ~219.000 VICPOS block reward(per day)           ~8219 VICPOS block reward distribution   SeeSawEstimated VIC supply during 17 years of POS   45.000.000Blocksize   1 MBBlocktime average   1 min (DGW3)Number of transaction confirmations   6Maturity   60 confirmationsMasternodeTriple Security NodeMASTERNODETriple Security NodeRelying only on the most advanced aspects of the world's leading cryptocurrencies, we propose using Masternodes to ensure network stability.Setting up a Masternode is easy for everyone, we have developed three types of them.Each type takes a different amount of VIRIDI and provides a variety of income types. This system is called Triple Security Node.1. Light Node requires 5.000 VIC.2. Medium Node requires 15.000 VIC.3. Full Node requires 25.000 VIC.During POS, Masternodes will receive the following rewards for maintaining network stability and performing additional functions:Light Node 8% from total block rewardMedium Node 30% from total block rewardFull Node 60% from total block rewardTotal block reward: 2.628.000 year / 7.200 day / 300 hour / 5 min + transaction fees
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