[ANN] PIRL, first ETHASH masternode crypto

[ANN] PIRL, first ETHASH masternode crypto

I found that project really interesting. So far, flying under the radar.What is Pirl ?Pirl is the first Ethash based Masternode Crypto, inspired by the Ethereum project. Pirl is ASIC resistant, built on an entirely new chain, and harnesses the power of Smart Contracts. The goal of Pirl is to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers securely through an entirely automated process.Pirl is community based and has an open source philosophy. Pirl places a strong focus on community involvement in deciding its future roadmap. Masternode feature, once deployed, will be an enabler to achieve this objective; Also in the works is a decentralized marketplace platform where users can buy and sell their goods and services in a secure and automated environment.Everyone can contribute to make PIRL better! PIRL will remain forever Proof of work (PoW)!What Pirl is NOT• Pirl is NOT a Token• Pirl is NOT an ICO• Pirl is NOT Ethhttps://pirl.io/Pirl FeaturesThe Pirl blockchain will be used to run smart contracts. User interfaces and an online decentralized store will be developed to run on nodes that ensures no single point of failure or controlled by large cloud providers. The Pirl network will be a network of users controlled by nobody.Algorithm : DaggerTime between block : 13 secTotal block reward : 12 PIRLMiner reward : 10 PIRL / blockMasternode & dev : 2 PIRL / block (dev fee will be used for promotion and future development)Network ID : 3125659152rpc port : 6588Node : https://github.com/pirl/pirlLinux bin : http://release.pirl.io/latest.tar.gzDocker image : pirl/pirl-nodeBTCBTC

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