[ANN] Introducing LEEP NETWORK: Blockchain, Upgraded to work for business.

[ANN] Introducing LEEP NETWORK: Blockchain, Upgraded to work for business.

Introducing Leep Network: A Scalable and Secure ACID Compliant Distributed Ledger Technology and Smart Contract Platform.Leep Network is founded by a collective of individuals who believe that decentralized self-governance and financial transparency are essential ingredients for today’s financial, technological, and social platforms. We are creating an algorithmically structured and user-governed currency and an application platform that supports business and world-changing sustainable technology. | WEBSITE | TELEGRAM (MAIN) | ANNOUCEMENTS | REDDIT | LINKEDIN
SCALABILITYThe requirements to proof all work is a standard Security vs. Scalability trade-off. Using a Directed Acyclic Graph with 100% closure and a unique address schema for reverse, Leep has found a creative solution for both.TIME SYNCHRONIZATIONTime sensitive transactions are often at the mercy of Proof of Work miners, who assign a timestamp to the block. This makes it difficult to develop smart contracts that require more precise due dates and time windows. Leep Network"s ledger is time synchronized every minute to a real-time lock every 10th block.ACID COMPLIANCEACID compliant databases are the way to access and store data securely with immutability. Businesses require an accurate, true state of the information stored for many reasons. Leep Network implements these principles to proof transactions securely and atomically.EXPANDABLEWe’re building tools, gateways, documentation, and examples of usable code to help decentralized applications seamlessly integrate with our network so existing smart contracts can be quickly migrated on our forwards compatible virtual machine, and benefit from resources, expertise, and contract state.DAG TAGGINGAn attractive feature for B2B, DAG tagging allows for the logical grouping of network resources. Businesses can leverage their own hardware to process internal transactions boosted by cache hits, or rent out excess processing power to other Leep users for fees as an “elastic cloud” with rebates.ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONSLeep Network provides solutions for large and enterprise scale networks that need resources to process large amounts of data atomically and securely. Dedicated network pools can be allocated for secure access to Big Data in any shape.
Leep Network implements a symphony of features that make our network unique and effective for many use-cases. With Pollen Protocol, to police network permissions, delegation and overhead, we incorporate ACID-Compliant Databases, Dynamic Float Nodes, and a historical Light Chain for asynchronous, yet time-synchronized blocks for due dates, time windows, vesting schedules and late fees set weeks or years in advance.Pollen is a proprietary protocol that proactively monitors and safeguards the Leep network, and intelligently delegates broadcasted transactions to Dynamic Node pools based on network overhead. Pollen"s flexible ruleset ensures security and optimizes performance by intelligently adapting to ever changing network dynamics.Leep employs Dynamic Float Nodes which can assume roles interchangeably to optimize performance, depending on spikes in network activity and congestion. DDOS attacks are mitigated by the agile movement of Float Nodes.A Glypto is an intermediate data structure that can be customized based on the needs of particular transaction data. Glyptos allow Leep network to naturally perform ACID compliant database operations on complex data sets for asynchronous block production. Glyptos are only ever recorded into Leep's Light Chain when every transaction or smart contract call in a block can execute successfully, preserving the properties of ACID compliance.To solve common network scalability, performance, and security pitfalls, Leep employs a novel Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture, which is provably secure through the mathematical property of closure. A consensus of 90% - 100% is reached by the validation with all relevant nodes, so there are no orphans or danglers. Safely fragmenting the network with Indra DAG allows the network to support an ever increasing number of transactions per second (TPS) as it scales.Leep's innovative DAG structure is combined with a reverse look-up mechanism to achieve a deterministic system for double spend immunity and network majority attacks. Proper cryptographic techniques combined with mathematical optimizations allow our 448 bit private keys to perform as well on average as 256 bit keys. A public Birthday Attack network published a trophy private key attack every 16 days; the same network would take an average of 10^26 years against Leep Network. Leep delivers exceptional levels of network security, while maintaining economic viability. By leveraging a pseudorandom validation process and network redundancies, the Leep network is resilient to Denial of Service attacks without relying on hashing power.The Leep network maintains a record of the entire transaction history in a lightweight blockchain, or Light Chain. By simply storing transactional metadata, the Light Chain is unburdened by excessive data, making it a suitable solution for semi-private B2B usage. Blocks are appended to the Light-Chain in a time synchronized manner, containing only the data that is required for maintaining state and chain-security. Minimizing the data requirements allows for bulk transactions and faster state syndication between nodes.Leep is intent on providing a scalable ICO platform that provides the necessary resources for decentralized applications and projects to grow, innovate and stimulate this technological space. As a smart contract platform, Leep's unique DAG architecture offers many advantages over state channel blockchain implementations, such as simplicity of design, enhanced security, reduced gas costs and improved functional performance. To ease the way for enterprise adoption, Leep will leverage familiar development tools and ensure that smart contracts are forwards compatible with other Solidity based smart contract platforms.
Direct Links to Our Light-Paper and Technical Paper:Light-Paper---Technical Paper

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