[ANN] Impetus One: Blockchain disrupts online advertising

[ANN] Impetus One: Blockchain disrupts online advertising

THE GAME CHANGERJoin Impetus One - We're disrupting brand to consumer interaction through mission-based advertising (Pay Per Mission - PPM)We believe it’s time to let go of the hype and hope and truly disrupt the way we all experience advertising. Impetus One is a revolutionary advertising engine that allows advertisers and publishers to reward their customers based on a mission completion principle. Quick overviewWhitepaper Lightpaper Impetus One is an online advertising platform that offers brands direct means of interaction with their customers by providing crypto rewards for fulfilling their life goals. The brands no longer need to spend their budgets on inefficient ad-campaigns that offer little to no real interaction with their customers. Brands can choose to directly engage with their communities by providing rewards for completing missions in line with people’s life goals. Impetus One is replacing Pay Per Click (PPC) with Pay Per Mission (PPM): a unique concept to the online advertising industry. In simple words: the brand sets out what the customer needs to do, and the customer gets rewarded when completing the mission. Both parties interact and develop a special bond. This is how brand loyalty and emotional attachment is fostered. The more creative and customer-oriented the missions are, the higher the quality of interaction and chances for the mission to be completed.Impetus One is being developed by a team of serial entrepreneurs. Our achievements so far: Several exits to dateExisting businesses in online advertising, online sales, real estate and paymentsMembers of the diplomatic corpsPHDs in behavioral economicsNational Security AdvisorsSecurity experts that work for the European ParliamentTEAMHow does Impetus One work?1. Loading the ad details - AI-powered recommendationsRegistered advertisers (brands) will load campaign details into the web app and choose the audience they want to reach, based on AI suggestions made by the platform. Starting from the parameters we are able to track (location, speed, weather, number of steps, time, calories burn), advertisers will decide on mission fulfillment criteria.2. Request reviewOnline reviewers, will be requested to review new ads, which will be validated based on a consensus mechanism.3. Review resultsAds can be accepted or rejected. Accepted ads are automatically fed to selected publishers. For rejected ads, reviewers will be able to see why the ad was rejected and adapt it according to our guidelines. Reviewers will be remunerated, regardless of the outcome of the review process. For rejected ad campaigns, advertisers will be charged $1 for resubmission.4. Ad campaign publishingThe platform starts pushing the ads to selected publishers through the Impetus code snippet. The system, based on AI algorithms, will match the campaigns with the best publishers.5. Ad impressionsUsers are being served the ads in the layout space selected by the publisher. The AI system will collect data through our code snippet, and adjust impression rates based on user behavior. The user will also be able to tweak ad types and categories through his in-app control panel.6. User mission enrollementWhen tapping an ad, a landing page generated from the campaign data will be displayed in a Webview Window for mobile devices or through a web page redirect for desktop computers. On this page, the user will be able to join the mission.7. Enrollement confirmationThe publisher app is notified of the customer enrolment, and the app starts tracking the required parameters. When the mission fulfillment criteria are met, the publisher app notifies the platform, and the platform marks

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