[ANN] GigaCash [GCASH] Masternode Privacy Cryptocurrency with Payment Gateway

[ANN] GigaCash [GCASH] Masternode Privacy Cryptocurrency with Payment Gateway

WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | DISCORD | TWITTERWhat is GigaCash [GCASH]? GigaCash is a open source cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy, speed, decentralization and community decisions. GigaCash uses the QUARK algorithm with POS consensus and Masternodes to create a secure network with full nodes across the globe,this ensures the network is decentralized and no one person has control or ownership. Unlike most other currencies, decisionson GigaCash’s future are made by the community. Our long term goal is mass adoption and to be a top 100 cryptocurrency within 2 years, we aim to complete community projects and create a payment gateway which our partners will beable to implement to accept payment with any cryptocurrency for services, products, bills and more, while giving GigaCash holdersextra benefits. We are also looking to create a Decentralized Exchange which will give masternodes and stakers 90% of trading fees.PROJECT INFORMATIONWe have many short and long term plans. We want to start by building a strong community as this is the main thing that fuels any projects success with marketing and awareness. Our long term goal is mass adoption and to be one of the top coins by 2020with multiple online partnerships.SHORT TERM:- Build a strong community- Awareness- Masternodes and staking- Staking Pool partnerships- Exchange Partnerships- Improve GigaCash- Marketing- Zerocoin ProtocolLONG TERM:- Top 100 by 2020 (2 years)- Mass adoption- Wide scale application- 2500 + Masternodes- Community Projects- Partnerships- Multi Payment Gateway- Decentralized Exchange where 90% of fees go to the masternodes/stakersPAYMENT GATEWAYGigaCash will be creating a Integrated payment gateway which will allow ourpartners and other retailers/shops/service to be able to accept payment withany cryptocurrency we have integrated allowing for anyone to pay for theirbills, service and purchases at a click of a button when ever they want withoutany hassle. We believe this is what makes Gigacash unique and we aim towork with partners to implement this and bring crypto to the mainstream.DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGEWe are also looking to create a decentralized exchange which will allow usersto trade multiple coins, tokens and securites without any 3rd party holding theirfunds, only 1 person will have control of your funds and that will be you. Anymasternodes and stakers will receive 90% of all fees generated by theexchange for securing the transactions.FEATURESMasternodes & StakingGigaCash is powered by Masternodes that secure the blockchain and reward the owners with payouts in GigaCash. The amount of GigaCash needed for a masternode is 10,000 coins. Early investors will especially benefit, due to the blockrewards being the highest at the start and decreasing over time. Masternodes can be a source of passive income and arevery easy to set up on a VPS or locally on your computer. If you don't have 10,000 GigaCash, you can also help to secure the blockchain, as you can stake your coins and earn rewards passively. You will find below in this whitepaper the reward structureso make sure you take a look. By staking your coins you are contributing to securing the blockchain and it also ensures that the barrier for entry is low, because you don't need a masternode to earn passive income with GigaCash.Community FocusedGigaCash is very community focused. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, the community plays an important role in GigaCash’s decisionsand the direction of GigaCash’s future. We strongly believe that the community will bring GigaCash to its full potential. PrivacyGigaCash is a privacy coin meaning your transaction are fully private and secure on the blockchain, allowing you to send and receive securely and privately at any time.Super Fast

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