⭐???? [ANN] GameCoin™ (GME) Thread - "Beyond the Controller" - [NEW THREAD]! ⭐????

⭐???? [ANN] GameCoin™ (GME) Thread -

"GameCoin (GME) is Back!"
[ Official Website ]www.gamecoinproject.org[ Gamecoin specifications ]2.5 minute block targetsBlocks 1 – 6,634 = 200 GMEBlocks 6,635 – 370,000 = 1,000 GMEBlocks 370,001 – 2,051,920 = 10 GMEReward is then halved every 8 years615,298,880 total coinsZero premine10 coins per blockScrypt based[ Network Info ]Default P2P port is 9776Default RPC port is 9777[ Windows - QT wallet ]Download the latest Windows client version using the link below:[ Mac OS X - QT wallet ]Download the latest MAC client version using the link below:[ Linux wallet ]Download the latest Linux client version using the link below:[ Source Code ]The current source code for self compiles can be downloaded from GitHub.https://github.com/gamecoinproject/gamecoin[ Exchanges ]Coming Soon ....[ Block Explorers ][ GameCoin Pools ]http://findblocks.com/https://hobbyistpool.ddns.net/game/index.phphttp://lavapit.lavajumper.com/

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