[ANN] ETHERTOTE: A brand-new Ethereum-based crypto trading DApp platform

[ANN] ETHERTOTE: A brand-new Ethereum-based crypto trading DApp platform

The team are delighted to officially announce the launch of EtherTote, the worlds largest interlinked, modular, ethereum-based smart-contract trading platform. EtherTote offers players the opportunity to trade on the top 25 crypto currencies (based on Market cap) using Eth.
Please visit our website to view the live EtherTote DApp (currently running on Kovan). [IMPORTANT NOTE: Metamask have just released a new version, if you find that the EtherTote DApp cannot detect your wallet address, please uninstall and re-install the latest version of MetaMask
Our token sale starts on September 3rd 2018 and lasts for just 7 days.
9 Million TOTE tokens are for sale (from a total supply of 10 Million)1 TOTE token = 0.001 Eth Hardcap 9000 Eth ALL unsold tokens will be AUTOMATICALLY burned once the token sale ends
Token Name: EthertoteToken Symbol: TOTEDecimals: 0Token Contract Address: 0x42be9831fff77972c1d0e1ec0aa9bdb3caa04d47
In the run-up to our token sale, we will also be giving away thousands of TOTE tokens! Please join our brand-new telegram group for more details of this exclusive offer: https://t.me/ethertote
---------------------------------------------------------------------Smart contract addresses of significance:Token contract address - 0x42be9831fff77972c1d0e1ec0aa9bdb3caa04d47TokenSale address - 0x1c49d3c4895e7b136e8f8b804f1279068d4c3c96TokenBurn address - 0xadca18dc9489c5fe5bddf1a8a8c2623b66029198EthRaised address - 0x9f73d808807c71af185fea0c1ce205002c74123cTeamEth address - 0x67ed24a0db2ae01c4841cd8aef1da519b588e2b2TeamTokens address - 0x7F7BA6035e7cE22DD94D92D6687D3CB9542426bD--------------------------------------------------------------------- The concept of EtherTote is extremely simple1. A player selects one or more cryptos from the EtherTote DApp (There are currently 25 to choose from) 2. The player then submits an amount of Eth to the smart contract associated with the crypto of their choice3. The Eth trade, alongside every other trade made across all crypto's is combined to form an overall "Pot" of Eth.4. A "winning crypto" is declared (wins the Tote), based on the performance of all the cryptos over a one-week period5. If the player traded on the winning crypto, then they are are entitled to a proportional stake of 95% of the entire "Pot"6. The remaining 5% of the "Pot" is sent to a "Token Holder Claim" FundAllow us to expand on this by way of a more detailed example:Example:You decide to select the Litecoin crypto from the EtherTote, and want to trade 0.1 Eth on Litecoin.You send 0.1 Eth to the EtherTote smart-contract associated with Litecoin, and it just so happens that 99 other players decideto do the exact same thing as you, and they also trade 0.1 Eth on Litecoin.If you include yourself, there are now a total of 100 players who have all traded 0.1 Eth on Litecoin. Therefore, you now own 1/100th or 1% of the Litecoin Crypto Pot, and this particular Litecoin "Pot" now includes 0.1 x 100 players = 10 Eth Now lets just say that 100 people each trade 0.1 Eth on EVERY crypto on the EtherTote.This would mean that each crypto "Pot" contains 10 Eth (0.1 x 100 players) and there are 25 crypto pots, therefore the total combined Ethertote "Pot" is 10 x 25 = 250 Eth Once the "winning crypto" is declared, all Eth is transferred automatically to a "PotProcessor" smart contract. It is the job of this smart contract to payout all players who happened to trade on the "winning crypto" as well as transfer Eth to a Token Holder Claim fund.95% of the Eth is div

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