[ANN] Deimos(DEI) - PoW Multi-Algo [NO ICO\PREMINE]

[ANN] Deimos(DEI) - PoW Multi-Algo [NO ICO\PREMINE]

https://ip.bitcointalk.org/?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftinyimg.io%2Fi%2FqWO1JEq.pngDeimos is a peer to peer cryptocurrency with no ICO, no Pre-mine, and no Developer-fee per block. All the developer's coins were fairly mined along with everyone else. Deimos is a fairly launched blockchain project, secured by a combination of five algorithms Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, focusing on fast payments for goods and services online (e-commerce integration) with nearly zero fees from anywhere in the universe.Block-Chain Explorer: https://deimos.networkDeimos Store: https://deimos.storeDeimosPay: https://deimospay.comAlgorithm: Deimos uses five secure and advanced cryptographic mining algorithms to prevent mining centralization compared to single algorithm blockchains.(SHA256D/SCRYPT/GROESTL/SKEIN/QUBIT) *LyraRev2- coming soon.Coin SpecsCurrent block reward: 26.43 DEIBlock time: 15 secondsP2P port: 9150RPC PORT: 9149Max Coin Supply: 1 BillionCoin Maturity: 10 confirmationsWalletsWindows: https://github.com/Deimos-coin/deimos/raw/master/deimos-10.3.0-win-setup.zipLinux: https://github.com/Deimos-coin/deimos/raw/master/deimos-10.3.0-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gzMacOS: https://github.com/Deimos-coin/deimos/raw/master/deimos-10.3.0-osx.dmgMining poolshttps://deipool.xyz/-a qubit -o stratum+tcp://deipool.xyz:4733 -u <YOURWALLETHERE> -p c=DEI-a skein -o stratum+tcp://deipool.xyz:4933 -u <YOURWALLETHERE> -p c=DEIS-a myr-gr -o stratum+tcp://deipool.xyz:5433 -u <YOURWALLETHERE> -p c=DEIGhttp://pool.fastrdp.net/-a skein -o stratum+tcp://pool.fastrdp.net:4933 -u <YOURWALLETHERE> -p c=DEIhttps://cryptonova.eu-a qubit -o stratum+tcp://cryptonova.eu:4733 -u <YOURWALLETHERE> -p c=DEIhttps://letsmine.it-a myr-gr -o stratum+tcp://letsmine.it:5433 -u <YOURWALLETHERE> -p c=DEIExchangeshttps://altmarkets.io/trading/deibtchttps://swiftex.co/trading/dei-myntSocialDiscord: https://discord.gg/JSQ9g3XFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/deimoscoin/Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/deimoscoin/

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