[ANN] ???? BlockMesh.io :: Cost-Free Communications Network :: $BMH

[ANN] ???? BlockMesh.io :: Cost-Free Communications Network :: $BMH

$BMH -- BlockMesh.io :: Enabling Cost-Free Communication & Crypto Adoption Token Sales Complete
$BMH is listed on HitBTC and IDEX
BlockMesh will compete globally for peer-to-peer communications and offline payments market. It will build a network to rival the internet of things in the race for network coverage. By creating a network via Bluetooth (or WiFi), we can sidestep typical data costs. Users will get paid in BMH tokens, for supporting the mesh network. The BlockMesh platform will provide its users with the ability to communicate and digitally transact on the peer to peer network, crushing data costs and banking fees. We want to be the leaders in mesh-networking technology by reinvesting in the technology itself -- by creating a platform (MeshDev) where developers can take advantage of blockmesh infrastructure -- enabling cost-free data transfer for app users. The mesh network can be extended to larger distances, by using our custom-built, patented hardware: MeshEX KeyRing Boosters & Long-Range Mesh Extenders. MeshEX is our custom Wi-Fi router for homes and offices. The BlockMesh PlatformOffline ChatUsers don’t need an internet or cellular connection to chat with one another. Through Bluetooth, we can create a network in areas that are currently uncovered.WalletA fully functional ERC20 wallet will allow our users to send and receive payments in cryptocurrency as they accrue Mesh Tokens for supporting the network.SecureThe BlockMesh app will have all communications and data-transfers securely encrypted, meaning your conversations and wallet are always safe.Offline PaymentsWith Raiden Network, offline payments will be possible over the BlockMesh network.Reward SystemNetwork support is rewarded through ‘mined’ cryptocurrency (Mesh Tokens) which is deposited directly into your wallet.Cash in/Cash Out NEWMesh Token will be the first accepted token for traditional cash at selected retails stores in Africa.MeshDevMeshDev is a platform built for developers which will enable them to add the mesh networking infrastructure we’ve developed to their current apps/platforms. Thus enabling cost-free data transfer/app use for their users.MeshEXMeshEX is our custom Wi-Fi routers which users will be able to install in their homes or offices. They will be rewarded with Mesh Tokens for each MB of data that passes through their router. This not only extends the mesh network but pays its owner to use it.MeshADMeshAD is a revolutionary take on real-world advertising. Knowing what your audience is interested in, and what they engage with is of utmost importance. Our advertising platform will offer partners the most targeted geo-located and demographic insights ever acquired.Progress UpdatesBlockMesh June Roundup

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