[ANN] BiddleBabbleBoo Coin

[ANN] BiddleBabbleBoo Coin

The new Altcoin crytocurrency that will be coming out later today or tomorrow which is going to be called Biddlebaddleboocoin or BBBC for short. This coin will not suck and Biddlebaddleboo will be the BBBC exchange. You can exchange for BTC and Dogecoins.You can mine this with your existing miners and it's based on scrypt which would be good to mine with your CPU and GPU.Recommended miners:GUIMiner for AMD/ATI and Intel cardsCudaminer for NVIDIA cardsCPUMiner for CPUsDevelopers:michaelwang32BiddlebaddlebooWallet Links:Coming SoonUPDATE: the wallet for linux has been compiledUPDATE: BiddleBabbleBoo Coin will not be released until we have tested it because we dont want you to download a error prone walletREGARDING PREMINE: this coin will be premined by 2% ALSO THIS IS NOT A COIN THAT IS MADE FROM coingen.io.we are working hard to release BiddleBabbleBoo Coin

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