7 Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Pass Government Security Inspection

7 Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Pass Government Security Inspection

The South Korean government has released the results of its security inspection of cryptocurrency exchanges. Only seven of them passed all 85 of the inspection points. Fourteen previously-inspected exchanges still have not improved and 17 new crypto exchanges did not meet security standards.

Only Seven Exchanges Passed

In collaboration with the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA), the ministry inspected a total of 38 exchanges between September and December last year. Twenty-one of them were previously inspected between January and March last year while 17 exchanges were inspected for the first time.

The seven exchanges that passed the inspection are Upbit, Bithumb, Gopax, Korbit, Coinone, Hanbitco, and Huobi Korea. An official of the Ministry of Science and ICT was quoted by Newsprime as saying:

Most Exchanges Need to Improve

These 14 exchanges showed that they still need to improve on 51 security items on average, so they “could be exposed to the risk of hacking attacks at all times,” Zdnet Korea noted. As for the 17 new crypto exchanges, the news outlet added that their “overall security level was found to be weak.” Newsprime elaborated:

The news outlet further detailed, “In particular, it has been confirmed that most of the dealers have a low level of security such as network separation and access control as well as the lack of establishment and management of security systems such as basic PC and network security.” The ministry said it will continue to review and inspect crypto exchanges for security flaws, with a focus on protecting investors from hacking incidents.

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