Evolving the DeFi ecosystem with TEN Finance

Evolving the DeFi ecosystem with TEN Finance

TEN is not here to sell you on the idea of decentralized finance, that’s already been done by the current crop of DeFi projects that exist already. 

TEN Finance is looking to simplify, evolve and help contribute to the DeFi space by listening to the consumer and making sure that we all have what we need to use DeFi tools in a simplified, easy-to-understand manner.

Over the last several years as technology has advanced at an incredibly fast pace, even though at times it feels so incredibly slow, the frailties and lack of confidence in the existing financial market infrastructure have pushed many people outside tradifi (traditional finance) to look for ways to earn passive income! 

The rise of the social trader that manages their portfolio/trades from the Robinhood app and other similar apps is the way of the future and once DeFi becomes more readily and easily accessible to the masses similar to Robinhood, that is when true adoption will occur, but until then, everything in DeFi is in “beta”!

UI/UX is important to adoption and will be the key driver of how DeFi evolves and innovates through the mainstream users. For the most part, DeFi is still an intimidating monster of the crypto world, but one by one, we’re getting more native crypto users to get into DeFi, and that is the first step! The early days of Uniswap are long behind us (seems centuries in crypto years), but the UI/UX is just now, starting to change a bit, slowly, but surely.

TEN is a yield optimizer that allows for staking and yield farming with the most liquid Binance Smart Chain Liquidity Pools available while providing a solid yield earning environment on the market while maintaining a strong preference for security, sustainability, longevity, and simplicity. TEN is the Token Enrichment Network, decentralized finance, simplified!

During the last month or so of actively being a “live” project on the BSC landscape and in particular running as a yield optimizer, the team at TEN has identified several issues within the space and that is the true utility of the native token of most projects.

While some projects offer incredibly out of this world APR’s based on the farming of pools and giving out the native token as a reward, these types of pools usually attract fast money, then are quickly dumped for monetary gains once price levels reach a certain target, for which then the dev teams are succumbed to further selling pressure to keep these projects alive, which often die off into the sunset.

Over the coming weeks, TEN will introduce two key components of the TENFI ecosystem, one being the anticipated Yieldex platform and the other a new way to farm your LP tokens to earn additional LP tokens of another asset!

While the roadmap is large and diverse, there is no shortage of ideas that will be coming from the team at TEN with regards to bringing innovation and true utility to the native token TENFI.

A glimpse of the roadmap below can give you an indication of where TEN is headed and how it can differentiate itself from the existing group of optimizers across all chains.

A sample of the TENFI roadmap ahead…

DeFi has, in a short time become a force of nature in terms of taking over the crypto space and although still a small subset, only about 5% of crypto money is in DeFi projects with relation to TVL and Market Cap, it has a big tremendous upside in the coming years and with TEN working on inclusivity and simplicity, will only make the onramp to DeFi that much easier.

Although DeFi can still be a bit cumbersome to many, TEN is looking to simplify this process by investing heavily in the UI/UX aspect of their platform so that in the near future and over the long term, the mainstream public can easily integrate and adopt DeFi platforms such as TEN. And only in simplicity will this be achieved and that is something that the entire team at TEN is aiming for, simplicity.

DeFi has indeed changed the crypto narrative in that we are now finally seeing the true utility of blockchain technology in a way that is allowing for the masses to truly engage and utilize the financial infrastructure that can be had with a borderless nature.

No longer do we have to succumb to the archaic structure that Wall Street has built and protected for so long by subjecting the general population to their rules, the new faces of finance are those building the DeFi infrastructures of today, and TEN is one of them.

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