ETH Options launches on PowerTrade

ETH Options launches on PowerTrade

Given many crypto exchanges are not designed to support the complexity of options trading, the options market has been underserved until now. PowerTrade is specifically designed to support crypto options, enabling professional and retail traders to maximize ROI through an easy-to-use interface that aims to provide better prices at higher volumes with less capital. As the only crypto exchange that offers options priced in USD with SPAN (Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk) margin, PowerTrade holds great appeal for traders seeking to discover new ways to make greater profits.

The ETH options are portfolio (SPAN) margined with the BTC options market, allowing for complex options strategies.  Also known as Portfolio Margin, SPAN margin takes traders’ entire portfolio risk into account when determining margin requirements, not just the risk of a trader’s individual positions.

This means if a trader has multiple positions that offset each other when the market moves, the required collateral will be much lower than the typical crypto margin exchange. The benefit of SPAN is that after calculating the worst-case daily move for one particular open position, some positions end up in profit, not requiring any margin and enabling unrealized gains to offset margin obligations for losing positions or new positions.

In the maturing crypto market, the integration of SPAN is integral in empowering traders to maximize ROI.

Tom Howard, Business Development & Growth at PowerTrade, expressed, “We’re very pleased to be able to offer ETH options trading to the wider crypto market at such a pivotal time in Ethereum’s development. Because PowerTrade’s platform is easy to use and mobile-first with low minimums and low fees, it truly puts the power of ETH options into the hands of traders.”

PowerTrade is now allowing all users to trade and earn up to $1,888 with PowerRewards.

Here’s how: 

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About PowerTrade

PowerTrade is an easy-to-use crypto options trading platform, enabling traders to maximize ROI through an intuitive interface that provides better prices and lower margin requirements.

At PowerTrade, it’s easy for anyone to get started trading with as little as $1 USD and continue trading with simple, fast, mobile-first trading for crypto options.

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