CyberVein’s vast data processing potential makes way for smarter cities and governments

CyberVein’s vast data processing potential makes way for smarter cities and governments

Adhering to an open, shared, and co-constructed attitude, CyberVein is a network of immutable, blockchain-based databases on which information can be securely processed, traded, and shared.


Application scenario:

The underlying potential of CyberVein can be realized anywhere vast amounts of data need to be processed immutably by several parties in parallel. It allows competing entities such as pharma companies, big data providers, or machine learning researchers, to share datasets and to massively increase their efficiency while preserving their independent economic interests.

Technology – 

A look at the underlying technology that fuels these use-cases

DAG, or Directed Acyclic Graph Ledgers, verify each other’s transaction on a P2P basis. CyberVein improves on DAG technology, and introduces a novel resource-conserving consensus mechanism, modifies the Solidity contracting language to adapt it for the processing and monetization of vast amounts of data.

CyberVein also allows maintaining databases on the blockchain itself. This means that all database operations, such as the manipulation of data fields, rows, and columns, are mediated via blockchain transactions. For this to work properly, CyberVein adds data-processing specific functions to the Solidity contracting language, including functions designed to directly monetize data stored on CyberVein databases.

The use of data: federal learning

In the attempt to solve the problem of data exchange of big data, traditional methods have already reached the bottleneck, CyberVein proposes a decentralized federated learning algorithm that uses knowledge distillation and other means to transfer knowledge from heterogeneous models and make full use of knowledge from different model structures. In federal learning,

Proof of Contribution (PoC): 

Proof of Contribution – CyberVein’s core value is that the contribution of storage space and bandwidth on the nodes is provided to the entire network, generating the rewards -CyberVein Tokens[CVT]- received by the nodes. Although this consensus mechanism is not a new concept, it is preferred over PoW, due to the excessive energy consumption of POW mining. CyberVein protects user privacy and data security by building a machine learning big data analysis and model for the third parties which will have broad application prospects in the sales, finance and supply chain industries.

CyberVein Token (CVT)


CyberVein Trinity application scenarios


CyberVein with its open, shared, and co-constructed attitude takes blockchain technology as the core to integrate data in various. CyberVein can be reached out at various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and Bitcointalk. CVT is listed on Bittrex Global, OKEx, HitBTC, ZG-Top and Bit-Z.

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