Building apps on Flow: Tatum leaps ahead in powering the NFT world

Building apps on Flow: Tatum leaps ahead in powering the NFT world

Flow provides improved speed and throughput compared to legacy blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Thanks to its innovative architecture and mining/validator role division, Flow can handle internet-scale blockchain apps. It’s home to CryptoKitties and NBA TopShot, two of the most well-known and widely used NFT platforms, and is used by industry giants like Samsung, Ubisoft, UFC, and Warner Music group.

“We believe the Flow blockchain is one of the most forward-thinking and promising blockchains for developers. Its speed and throughput present enormous opportunities for building scalable apps to support massive amounts of users. We also understand the difficulties many developers face when trying to learn to code for new blockchains. With Tatum, they can build apps for Flow in no time,” explains Jiri Kobelka, CEO of Tatum.

Tatum now provides access to Flow nodes and enables developers to connect to them via API. Developers can pay for the use of nodes according to how many total requests per month and how many simultaneous requests they require.

While developing apps for Flow usually requires extensive knowledge of specific programming languages, like Go, Javascript, and Cadence, Tatum’s API eliminates the need to code directly for the blockchain.

Developers can simply use the built-in API calls to perform blockchain operations with no previous blockchain experience. They will also be able to leverage Tatum’s ready-made NFT smart contracts on Flow, saving weeks of coding and approval time.

“We have built Tatum to provide the optimal developer experience from start to finish. We want to allow hobbyist developers to build full integrations into their apps for free and scale their apps into full-fledged solutions with millions of users. Now that we’ve added Flow to our roster of supported blockchains, we are very much looking forward to the doors it will open for scores of developers around the world,” adds Samuel Sramko, CTO of Tatum.

More about Tatum

Tatum is a leading blockchain infrastructure provider that allows developers to build apps on over 20 blockchains. Their unified API functions use a high level of abstraction that enables developers to integrate blockchain technology into their apps with no previous blockchain experience.

Tatum’s mission is to help developers build blockchain apps quickly and easily and facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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