Tron DApp Weekly Report: DApps continue to register 39% of total transactions

Tron DApp Weekly Report: DApps continue to register 39% of total transactions

Tron [TRX] might have slipped to the tenth position, but Tron foundation is marching forward with new updates and DApps. The Tron DApp Weekly Report released by the Foundation elucidated on the various developments in the Tron ecosystem and DApps.

Tron currently has over 187 DApps, with its smart contracts exceeding 464 in number. The report mentioned that there are 10 decentralized exchange [DEX], six collection games, 40 tool DApps, and four candybox projects on Tron. The report claimed to have registered growth in the aforementioned categories in comparison to last week. Justin Sun, the CEO and founder of Tron foundation, tweeted about the developments in the DApps,

“According to , as of this week, #TRON has over 187 #Dapps with more than 464 smart contracts. There are 10 decentralized exchanges(DEX) on TRON, 6 collection games, 40 tool Dapps and 4 candybox projects. #TRX $TRX”

The report also quoted MainNet data opening with Tron’s account number crossing 2 million last week. The report noted a 12.9% growth with respect to the number of 24-hour transactions.

Among the Tron’s transaction numbers, its DApps transactions saw a rise to 940,000, which accounted for 39% of the total transactions. The report introduced readers to new DApps like Lucky Slot and Tron Round.

The report also introduced Tron Idol, which is a competing DApp for Tron accelerator. The report explained it as a “Tron version of the original quadratic virtual idol group Link Idol under Andromeda Technology”.

Tron Idols are just cryptographic collectibles on the blockchain that serve as examples for reinventing copyright management with the token economy in order to advance distributive copyright development, said the report.

The report informed readers that the idols can be sold to make a profit, along with a ranking system where each user can choose to like or dislike the idol.

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