Blockchain will drive the future of practical digital applications: Digibyte Co-Founder

Blockchain will drive the future of practical digital applications: Digibyte Co-Founder

On 9th August, ABRA, the digital wallet uploaded an interview between Bill Barhydt, the CEO of ABRA and Jared Tate, the Founder of Digibyte. Abra had conducted the interview keeping in mind the rapid development going on in the digital platform.

Jared Tate stated that the Digibyte community was the major source of support because of which the company is able to indulge in the series of developments. He has called the development of Digitbyte a “grassroots movement” because of the absence of third parties and ICOs.

The company has stated that they are working on multiple projects and even revealed the fact that Apple has approved the wallet on the Apple Store with the desktop version to be released soon. Tate has also said that the company has already released a wallet for the Google Play Store with updates set to be released soon.

Jared Tate also touched upon how Digibyte was one of the first platforms to activate Segwit, which was even before Bitcoin and had over 230000 installs. He went on to say that the fall of 2017 saw a huge boom of innovation with a large influx of developers into the Digibyte system.

To a question posed by Bill to Tate about the usage of Digitbyte by the community, the Founder of Digibyte said that the core protocol communication of Digibyte has helped garner a huge following as the protocol ensures the security of the wallet transactions. The Digibyte digital wallet can also be used for authentication among platforms.

According to Tate, Digibyte has the longest and the quickest blockchain in the industry, specifically 15-second blocks that allows the processing of transactions very quickly. The platform can also be used for arbitrages and fund remittances.

The company also spoke about the use cases of Digitbyte and the cross-border transactions. Tate stated that the main reason why the company has grown so rapidly is that the company had ‘The fairest launch’ and stressed upon the absence of ICOs again.

The founder of Digibyte further talked about the major functionalities of the platform that has made the platform popular among the cryptocurrency masses. According to the company, Digibyte is the only platform that has the feature of ‘difficulty adjustment’. Difficulty adjustment is a feature created by Digibyte to problems on the blockchain in real time. This was made by the officials in the company after multiple cryptocurrency platforms were affected way back in 2014 and did not have a solid solution to it.

Jared Tate ended the interview with Bill by talking about the future plans of Digibyte. He said that volatility risk will be reduced in the system and the PoW and PoS of the platform will be changed. The company has also promised users that real-world applications of Digibyte will be implemented soon and that user experience will be vastly improved.

On 13th July, Abra had announced that the digital wallet application will allow the use of Visa and MasterCard for Bitcoin [BTC] transactions. The wallet aims to make buying and selling of cryptocurrencies simpler and easily accessible with this move as these are the most commonly used credit/debit cards.

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