Bitcoin Cash [BCH] reward for users in Voltaire’s all-new Cashback scheme

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] reward for users in Voltaire’s all-new Cashback scheme

UK-based crypto exchange will be rewarding users trading on its platform. Dubbed as the Voltaire CashBack scheme, this new reward system will enable users to earn Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and other cryptocurrencies with each trade the users make.

The scheme was announced by the cryptocurrency exchange via a blog post that stated,

“CashBack pays an astounding 0.2% of the value of each maker order filled on Voltaire”

The CashBack roll-out, which is for a limited period of time only, is currently live with respect to BSV/BCH and BTC/BCH trading pairs. The exchange confirmed that it will soon enable trading for ETH/BCH and LTC/BCH.

Users on the platform will earn this new incentive by placing an order on any of the exchange’s markets. However, the order has to be a maker order. The moment the order is traded ‘either in full or partially,’ the account’s Voltaire balance will be credited with the same currency that was traded on the exchange. The reward will be accessible via the wallet section on the profile.

Talking about the CashBack launch, Semyon Germanovich, Voltaire CEO and BCH proponent, said,

“The release of Voltaire Cashback is an exciting and innovative event in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem — Bitcoin Cash offers the technically stronger solution to scaling.”

Germanovich further added that they were planning to incorporate Gabriel Cardona’s BCH-powered Badger Wallet. The 21-year-old CEO asserted that the Bitcoin core hard fork was the fastest technology for payments and trading.

BSV trading on Voltaire’s exchange, a pure BCH market, was officially made available in February this year and came with ‘free withdrawals’ and ‘one confirmation’ on deposits. This incentive, in a market that is slowly retreating from the longest crypto-winter, was expected to spur users to trade in Voltaire’s platform.

The exchange confirmed that in order to maintain the platform’s transparency, a calculator has also been incorporated to allow users to calculate their BTC earnings.

Additionally, the London-based exchange also rolled out new features like margin trading, advanced trading tools, and a referral scheme.

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