Bitcoin [BTC]’s Satoshi Nakamoto’s book gets an update, last statement before publishing

Bitcoin [BTC]’s Satoshi Nakamoto’s book gets an update, last statement before publishing

Earlier this year in June, an individual claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin [BTC], began to gain prominence. Even as many have done so before, this specific instance gained fame due to an attached document that was reportedly the beginning of the book. The post, which was hosted on a website known as ‘Nakamoto Family Foundation’, has now received a follow-up post, detailing “Satoshi’s” personal life.

The book is reportedly a telling of ‘his story’, as many assume they know it. He spoke about his earlier life, and how he is originally from the Caribbean. The individual also revealed that he still has family there, and provided a puzzle to solve to find the location where he was writing the book from. He said:

“What you see is referred to as a hill cipher, composed of a 2 x 2 matrix. I’ve gone ahead and provided the n values…This is the place I have chosen to write the book from for the duration of this time.”

Solving the puzzle gives the word “Bridgetown” which is the capital of Barbados. It is still not known whether this is confirmed or not, but Nakamoto’s claims of being from the Caribbean are aligned with the solution for his puzzle.

After speaking about his motivations for writing the book, he talked about his reasons for setting up the Nakamoto Family Foundation website. He stated:

“This website was set up primarily for the purpose of a book as a simple means of communication. For now it serves the purpose of being a gateway to communicating about the book to the outside world.”

After the release of the first chapter of his book, the individual came under fire for not being similar to the real Satoshi in his writing. This was now clarified by Nakamoto, as he stated that a ghostwriter was recruited to write the piece. However, he stated that the book has been left up to him entirely as he believed that:

“No one can write about a life better than the one who lived it.”

He further explained the potential for more mistakes to be found in his work, as he utilized a software known as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, a speech-to-text software. He also said:

“You may have realized as I have that the way you write doesn’t match the way you speak. This is what one would refer to as informal or conversational dictation. This is how the book will be made.”

After speaking at length about the book and its eventual publishing, he remarked about having been in touch with Laszlo Hanyecz. This was the individual who purchased two pizzas for 10,000 BTC back in 2010.

He stated that he used a ghostwriter for writing the story as he wanted to make it interesting and a good read, and he personally did not have an interest in writing it. He also provided a cryptic statement when he said:

“No one knows the history of what came before better than those involved. I don’t feel the obligation to explain what I mean by this. Maybe look to line 1279, main.cpp in the prototype if you want to find a more obvious answer.”

He also spoke emotionally about the book, and what writing it means to him. After the release of the book, he said, the site will be taken down. Moreover, this is his last public statement before the release of the book. He ended by stating:

“I hope everyone, including you enjoy the book. For surely I will pour all my effort, time, and really all of me into it.”

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